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Blossom and Love

Blossom into Love Workbook

Blossom into Love Workbook

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Blossom into Love Academy Workbook is an electronic PDF filled with a 3 month long program to elevate your handmade craft to a thriving business. Tips to build viral content to gain followers, how to optimize your IG bio, all of the details to build a well rounded brand and tons of journal prompts to help guide you along the way to discovering your Ikigai, your purpose in life. The journey of entrepreneurship is so beautiful when you realize your personal growth plays the biggest part in your professional growth. This workbook will help you find your Ikigai and turn it into a successful online business, increasing sales and helping you build your dream lifestyle. No 1:1 personal coaching comes with this workbook. It is 100% self guided. 1:1 coaching sessions can be scheduled separately if you feel you need extra help.

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