Custom Bridal Jewelry Design & Wedding Flower Preservation

Wearable art handcrafted and designed with nature in mind in Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Wedding Flower Preservation

    Preserve your wedding day’s beauty with bouquet preservation, transforming your fresh flowers into lasting keepsakes. Your Jewelry will retain delicate details, creating a timeless memory.

  • Custom Bridal Jewelry

    Elevate your bridal ensemble with custom jewelry crafted to reflect your unique style and special day. Each piece complements your attire and becomes a cherished keepsake.


Timeless Elegance, Artisan Craftsmanship, Fashion Forward Keepsakes

At Blossom and Love, we specialize in transforming your wedding flowers into timeless, cherished keepsakes. Blossom and Love meticulously preserve the beauty and sentiment of your special day, crafting custom jewelry and unique pieces that capture the essence of your celebration. With a steadfast commitment to quality and detail, Blossom and Love ensures that your memories are beautifully preserved for a lifetime. Experience the art of preservation and keep the joy of your wedding day alive with our exquisite keepsakes.

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